Optical LAN reduces the number managed devices by breaking traditional copper-based LAN barriers caused by copper bandwidth, distance and density limitations.

Optical LAN applications note


Fiber is physically more secure than copper. Optical is tested, certified and deployed in DoD, DoE and DHS US gov’t facilities serving top secret and other classified uses.

All-Secure PON application note


Optical LAN hits 99.999% network availability compared to copper-based 99.9%.Reliability is now a regulatory requirement,a marketplace requirement and a key market differentiator — not just for service providers, but for infrastructure suppliers too.

Beyond Five Nines: The New Age of “Uber Reliability”

Economic Benefits


And, it Costs Less

Optical LAN first day capital expeditures can be 30-70% less, fiber installation can be 25-50% less, year-over-year operational expeditures can be 30-70% less and 10-year total cost of ownership can be up to 70% less than copper based LAN.

Why Deltek Deployed Optical LAN: Better Economics

Optical LAN

Optical LAN is an evolutionary architecture that out performs copper-based LANs. It converges all information and communication services, including voice, video, data, DAS, security and  over a passive optical network.


Fiber can scale up to terabyte capacity, while Optical LAN can deliver 4x greater the number of Ethernet end-points in 90% less space monopolized.

Tellabs® Optical Networking Solutions Provide Cost-Effective, Scalable Bandwidth and Services