Business Professional Services

Arpeggio’s team of business professionals will assist your organization to better plan, implement, operate, and manage your business. Our accounting, clerical, administration, and logistics, solutions will allow you to focus on running the core tasks of your operation.

Program and Project Management

Our program and project managers are accustomed to getting their projects done in time and under budget, while coordinating activities with multiple organizations and government agencies across multiple locations. They are thoroughly knowledgeable of the ten project management knowledge areas: integration, cost, human resources, stakeholder management, scope, quality, communications, time, procurement, and risk management. Additionally, as experts in the project management processes you can expect consistent results in: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing projects. We use the latest software products to enhance the coordination of the project’s efforts through improved organizational learning techniques. Thus, we can dependably deliver successful, on time, under budget products.

Information Technology Services

Arpeggio provides information technology services that facilitate the use of automation and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit, and make sense of the data requirements of your business or enterprise. We will assist you with the study, design, development, application, and support of your information systems, including network administration, software development, installation, planning, and management of your technology life cycle.